Rules of entry

  1. Applicant partners are welcome to the project throughout the year. Submitted samples are evaluated within 25 days of receipt.
  2. Terms of entry and evaluation: properly completed and submitted Application Form; submission of  samples with the required documents; payment of taxes, entry fees, duties, transport and any other costs. The samples must arrive undamaged.
  3. Gold medal winners of renowned challenges and wines and spirits scored 90+ by expert panels are welcome to the selection. In this case no samples and application fee are required! Find the detailed list under Awarded.
  4. The entry fee is 75€/sample payable in advance and to be confirmed on the Application Form. The entry fee of the awarded wine is deductibe from the relevant trademark order.
  5. 3 labelled bottles of each wine should be sent with proper closure to the following address: Inter-Kontakt Ltd., H-1126 Budapest, Németvölgyi út 5., EU VAT number: HU13499187-2-13.  Please, apply the relevant labels on the boxes as well.
  6. Please, indicate on the consignment note and the proforma invoice the data required for the identification of the wines and that the samples are of no commercial value.
  7. An international jury (wine journalists, wine experts) evaluate the samples every month at blind tasting, using the 100 point scoring system.
  8. Wines with 85 or more points qualify for the trademark. Only bottled wines of the same quality as the samples are eligible for the project.
  9. Applicant partners are notified of the evaluation results via email. Eligible wines also receive a printable award certificate.
  10. Applicant partners must agree on the “Application Form” to accept the “Rules of Entry” and the conditions under “Order”, and should order and pay the trademark labels by bank transfer within 30 days of the notification based on the results sent out by Inter-Kontakt Ltd.
  11. Inter-Kontakt Ltd. dispatches the 30 mm round adhesive trademark labels within 30 days of the receipt of payment.
  12. The trademark labels may be applied to the wines and spirits selected by the jury specified in the terms and conditions of the “Order”.
  13. Applicant partners’ right to use the trademark is non exclusive and non transferrable. Any mentioning of the trademark by the applicant must be in connection with the selected wine or spirit.
  14. Applicant partners may not reproduce or alter the trademark label. A separate layout agreement is required for other forms of use of the trademark (boxes, packaging material, brochure, poster, website, product sheet, correspondence, exhibition display, etc.).
  15. Inter-Kontakt Ltd. reserves the right to amend the “Rules of Entry” and the terms and conditions of “Order”. Such amendment, however, does not affect wines and spirits with already submitted “Application Forms”. Amendments are published on the website of Inter-Kontakt Ltd., also highlighted on the homepage.
  16. Applicant partners, applying the trademark labels, have to consider the labelling and declaration regulations of any target market specifying particular requirements thereto.
  17. In disputed issues, the law of Hungary shall be applicable exclusively.