Dear Partners!

Welcome to the Prestige Reserve Project partner portal. Prestige Reserve World Selection promotes high quality authentic wines and spirits – selected by international juries – reflecting traditions and passionate human efforts.

Prestige Reserve, the a trademark, as the golden seal of excellence attests the above to connoisseurs. For details and requirements for joining the Prestige Reserve World Selection, please, go to How it worksRules of entry, Application and Order.

Deductible entry fees, no deadlines, no sample limitation!

Applicant partners are welcome to the project throughout the year.

Gold medal winners of renowned challenges, wines and spirits scored 90+ by honorable expert panels are welcome to the selection. No samples or application fees are required. Find the detailed list under Awarded.

By applying the trademark labels you can improve your brand image, your price position, the chances to reposition and upgrade your wines and spirits in the premium and luxury brand segment. You can make your wines and spirits more visible and attractive to the customers on the shelf.

It can be easier to enter new market segments like specialist shops, fine dining restaurants, and gift shops. The chances with the award are much better to get higher media coverage. The award helps you to get and maintain an excellent reputation in the trade and in the press.

Send your Message on the Bottle! Prestige of Quality, Reserve of Tradition.

Be selected by experts and chosen by connoisseurs!